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Jakarta MRT is The Solution and We have it by the end of 2016

Jakarta now 486 years old after the anniversary on 22 June 2013 yesterday. The government of DKI Jakarta (Pemprov DKI Jakarta) especially Joko Widodo as the Governor should be work harder to realize the Jakarta Master Plan 2030. The plan is build the Jakarta to be a great and well developed city either the culture and infrastructure. It might not be fast, at least they have to prepare and start an action.

The goverment will launch  the mass public transportation such as the project of Jakarta MRT, Monorails, Buses, etc. We take an example the project of Jakarta MRT. In near time, Jakarta MRT will be launch and operating at 2016. Here I give you information related the Jakarta MRT.

Overview :
Rail-based MRT Jakarta will stretch over ±110.8 km Jakarta roads, consists of North-South Corridor (Lebak Bulus – Kampung Bandan) of about 23,8 km and East-West Corridor of about 87 km.
·        The construction of North-South Corridor that stretches along Lebak Bulus – Kampung Bandan will be carried out in 2 phases:

Phase I, will be carried out to connect Lebak Bulus with Bundaran HI over 15.7 km railway with 13 stations (7 elevated stations and 6 underground stations) which is targeted to operate by the end of 2016.

Phase II, will expand North-South Corridor from Bundaran HI to Kampung Bandan over 8.1 km railway, which construction will have been initiated before Phase I operates and is targeted to be completed on 2018 (from the earlier target of 2020). Feasibility study for this phase has been completed.

·        A feasibility study is on progress for East-West Corridor, which is targeted to operate at the latest on 2024-2027.

This project is developed by PT MRT Jakarta.

Future :
Jakarta MRT North-South Line Phase I (Lebak Bulus – Bundaran HI, Operational 2016)
Jakarta MRT North-South Line Phase II (Bundaran HI – Kp. Bandan, Operational 2018)
Jakarta MRT East-West Line (Alternative Route: Balaraja – Cikarang)

Galery :
MRT track

 Tunnel Underground

 Underground Station

The Station

Click the picture above for detail.

That's the summary of the project Jakarta MRT. It's look good and modern and It's a must that we have own MRT because we've left out from other country. I hope this project running smoothly. Have you ever tried it before ? I had tried in Dubai, UAE. 

Are you ready for waiting ? J


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