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Jakarta Monorail for a better public transportation

Continuing with previous article about Jakarta MRT, now I will discuss another new mass public transportation for Jakarta. What it is ? Yup, Jakarta Monorail. Monorail is predicted will be solve congestion problem in Jakarta. Again I said, we've left out from other country but this is good improvement.

The exhibition Jakarta Monorail has been held in celebration of Jakarta's 486 anniversary (22 June 2013). The opening of exhibition was announced officially by The Governor DKI Jakarta - Joko Widodo at Monas. The exhibition is open for public and free from 22 Juni till 4 Juli 2013. Public can look around the monorail prototype.

Jakarta Monorail is a single-rail Mass Transit train system running on elevated railways which is currently under development in Jakarta. Operating in the most prominent areas of Jakarta.

Jakarta Monorail will be divided into two lines:
- Green Line (Casablanca-Rasuna Said) will cover along a 14.8 kilometer circle corridor with total of 15 stations.
- Blue Line (Kampung Melayu-Tanah Abang) will cover along a 14.2 km corridor with total of 12 stations.

In prediction, the Green Line will operate in 2.5 years later and the Blue Line in 3 years.

Within its professional services, Jakarta Monorail aims to provide a safe, convenient, efficient (cost & time) and environmentally-friendly public transportation mode for Jakarta citizens. This project is managed by PT Jakarta Monorel.

Below are the picture of monorail prototype :

Finaly, we will have a better mass public transportation for Jakarta. We will be waiting for this soon.
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